About Jillian and Brian.
Brian and Jillian Starr are a husband and wife screenwriting and production team. Our accolades include semifinalist in the Austin Film festival for comedy screenwriting (“Bigfoot and the Devil”) and as quarterfinalist in Scriptapalooza for comedy spec script (“Community: Advanced Abstract Art”)

Jillian has performed  to sold out crowds with the Time Out comedy troupe.
Quotes from Austin Film Festival industry professionals regarding
Bigfoot and the Devil:

“This was very original. It was a unique idea to create a convention of mythical figures.”

“I laughed out loud frequently at the dialogue.”

“This could easily be done as an animated feature and I think would have broad appeal.”

“The story here was a lot of fun. It was a very simple story of underdog characters trying to pull off an attempt to save the world.”

“Very funny and offbeat.”

“ Both JD and Bigfoot were drawn very well – funny but also very detailed.”